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L-3 Communications
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System for air-to-air and air-to-ground operations - Product

July 18, 2016
Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, the L-3 Communications Tactical Airborne Navigation (TACAN) device is a remotely controlled aviation-navigation system that can track as many as four ground stations simultaneously in range, and two in bearing, with a tracking velocity of as fast as 1,800 knots....

ISR specialist ForceX acquired by L-3 Communications - News

October 16, 2015
NEW YORK. L-3 Communications leaders announced that the company acquired ForceX, Inc., in Nashville, Tennessee, earlier this month and since renamed it L-3 ForceX and integrated it into L-3’s Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS) sector within the Electronic Systems business segment.

Rocket-based weapon system demonstrated for small ship protection - News

January 17, 2014
YUMA PROVING GROUND, AZ. Engineers at Raytheon and L-3 Communications fired Raytheon-made TALON laser-guided rockets from L-3 remote weapon station designed by L-3 using an LAU-68 launcher. The test demonstrated how small ships can be protected by using the lightweight remote weapon system integrating the already-fielded launcher and sensor systems as well as the TALON missiles.

Infrared sensor system introduced by L-3 Cincinnati Electronics - News

October 26, 2012
WASHINGTON – The NightConqueror 360-Degree HD Infrared Radar (IR) was announced yesterday at AUSA by L-3 Cincinnati Electronics (L-3 CE). The low-infrastructure, low-cost sensors platforms leverage AAR-44 Missile Warning System and 1280x1024 NightConqueror HD mid-wave technologies for 30 megapixel resolution on up to 24 HD IR cameras.