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Navigation and sensor tech by Honeywell to equip Nuuva V300 UAV


April 01, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Pipistrel image.

PHOENIX, Ariz. Pipistrel has selected Honeywell's next-generation Attitude Heading Reference System and Air Data Module for its Nuuva V300 cargo unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The technologies provide navigation and motion-sensing data and will work in tandem with Honeywell's Compact Fly-By-Wire system onboard the aircraft.

According to Honeywell, the Attitude Heading Reference System (AH-2000) and Air Data Module (ADM) are designed to supply critical motion data to all avionics systems and many mechanical systems.  

Pipistrel officials claim that Nuuva V300 is a long-range, large-capacity, autonomous UAV. It is designed to take off and land vertically with battery power, does not require a runway, and has lower operating costs than helicopters. 

The AH-2000 uses Honeywell's next-generation Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)-based inertial sensors to deliver aircraft altitude and velocity information. It delivers safety-critical data to drive the fly-by-wire flight control system and provides navigation data to the fly-by-wire guidance system. This data is necessary for fly-by-wire control, navigation, and cockpit displays, according to officials.


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