Military Embedded Systems

Hangar Technology for unmanned systems acquired by AirMap


September 23, 2019

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

LOS ANGELES, Calif. AirMap, company specializing in airspace intelligence platforms for the drone economy, announced that it has acquired Hangar Technology, a drone workflow automation platform for enterprises.

AirMap aims to enable compliant drone operations at scale through automation, inserting digital technologies into traditional traffic management systems so that drone operators can integrate their operations into low-altitude airspace. Hangar Technology is intended to automate drone workflows for enterprises.

Its products include JobSight, a construction-focused application that automates orthomosaics, panoramas, and other imaging, and TowerSight, a digital workflow application for automated tower inspections. According to company officials, Hangar software precision-scans every inch of an asset then automatically analyzes drone data to create a digital reconstruction and produce component analysis.


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