Military Embedded Systems

Technologies for Responding to Rapid Developments in Cognitive RF and EW


April 11, 2018

Whether it?s something as trivial as a business traveler trying to find WiFi at an airport without falling victim to a spoof network, or something as important as a warfighter trying to send position ...

Cognitive processing and the constant need for more bandwidth is significantly driving up the performance requirements of radar and EW processing subsystems, while the availability of size,
weight, and power is being driven down.

These requirements can be successfully addressed through the use of advanced technologies such as multi-core processors, GPUs, and Xilinx’s RFSoC and Zynq MPSoC FPGA, allowing
developers to focus on radar prototyping of suitable cognitive and digital processing algorithms. For next generation cognitive radar and EW systems, the VP430 and similar products can provide the necessary edge over adversaries in end-to-end latency and system performance.


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