Military Embedded Systems


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Radar and sonar applications find a home in CompactPCI and VPX - Story

February 16, 2012
There are many COTS technologies available for implementing radar and sonar applications, including CompactPCI and VME, and newer switched-serial standards such as VPX and MicroTCA. By using real radar and sonar examples, the author illustrates how the communications topology can point designers toward choosing an optimal COTS architecture, in this case VPX (VITA 46) and CompactPCI.

MicroTCA's role expands in modern battlefields - Story

March 20, 2009
Even against military embedded mainstays CompactPCI and VME and the up-and-coming VPX, MicroTCA is proving itself a powerful design option in harsh environments with: high bandwidth in a small form factor and proven ruggedness, multicore support, and high availability. Additionally, standards development is fueling MicroTCA's rapid movement as a military design choice from command centers to shelters to the battlefield.
Articles 1 - 2