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SOSA and VPX - Blog

April 30, 2020
EVENT HORIZON BLOG: I've been heavily involved in a standards effort called the Sensor Open Systems Architecture, or SOSA. SOSA is interesting because it’s a government/industry consortium formed with the goal to create a hardware/software standard aimed at making it much easier to integrate and maintain defense sensor systems. As it is a huge undertaking with something like 70 organizations participating and usually upwards to 150 people at each semi-monthly face-to-face, there is a lot to say about SOSA. Today I'll discuss VPX and SOSA, but I’ll be touching on different aspects of SOSA over the coming months as there is far too much to tackle in a single blog post.

Event Horizon blog series - Blog

February 28, 2020
Hello and welcome to Event Horizon, my periodic blog about embedded technologies, defense systems, and anything generally tech-related that I might find interesting (and hopefully you as well). I’d like to thank the kind folks at OpenSystems Media, and especially John McHale, Editorial Director at Military Embedded Systems Magazine for giving me a little space where I can muse on various topics that strike my interests.

IFE&C equipment to be deployed to major Europe airline - News

September 09, 2019
LOS ANGELES, Calif. Kontron, global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), announced that it has signed a new contract to supply integrated In-flight Entertainment & Connectivity (IFE&C) equipment to a major Europe airline specializing in leisure and charter travel.

OpenVPX computing module featuring 40 Gigabit Ethernet released by Kontron - News

November 28, 2018
WASHINGTON. Officials at Kontron released the new VX305C-40G 3U OpenVPX single board computer (SBC) module for military sensor platforms and high performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications.

Applying deep learning techniques to expand defense capabilities - Story

August 03, 2018
Leveraging advanced data center computing techniques holds the promise of delivering powerful ways to solve complex defense mission challenges. Deep learning is an increasingly popular technique that can be used to process very large data sets. As the goals for defense systems move in the direction of greater autonomy, deep learning techniques that were once too tough for more traditional processing technologies can now be supported.