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Adding real-time Java to a MILS operating system - Story

September 04, 2012
A Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) operating system supports secure deployment of multiple applications with each application representing data belonging to a different security realm. Writing software for deployment with a MILS operating system requires attention to details that are not necessary on mainstream operating systems. Integrating a Java Virtual Machine (VM) within a MILS operating system simplifies the development of MILS application software.

Incremental software modernization minimizes risk, reduces costs - Story

September 14, 2010
In practical terms, software modernization consists of the gradual process of replacing the bad with the better. And the choice to focus on software portability versus conditional compilation is integral to modernization.

Job (in)security - Story

June 24, 2008
Software engineers' resistance to promising new technologies like Java is more a matter of job protection than carefully reasoned technical evaluation.

Real-Time Java: Where the rubber meets the road in low-level embedded development - Story

April 02, 2008
As a high-level programming language supporting object-oriented abstraction and scalable composition of software components, Java is ideal for development of user interfaces and application software. However, it is less obvious how Java software can most effectively address low-level concerns that are typical of embedded software and often programmed in C. New hard real-time Java technology, however, is targeting the specialized needs of low-level embedded real-time development ? and beating out the hybrid C-and-Java mixed language approach.
Articles 1 - 4