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SpaceVPX extends the embedded computing standard to meet the special demands of space - Story

December 05, 2014
Space vehicles, whether manned or unmanned, have traditionally relied on custom embedded computing systems. Since standard systems were not designed with space applications in mind, they did not address the critical issues of space flight, such as outgassing, "tin whiskers," redundancy, and ruggedness. Designers and engineers, however, recognize the benefits of using well-established, standardized, open-architecture platforms to create a diverse ecosystem offering more choices, lower costs, and reduced risk. The availability of space-centric standardized platforms brings the advantages of a competitive environment, lower development costs, and higher reliability.

Next-generation UAVs require high-performance end-to-end connectivity - Story

April 30, 2014
As the sophistication and capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) continue to evolve, engineers need to pay greater attention to end-to-end connectivity to avoid performance bottlenecks.

New connector options benefit C4ISR design - Story

February 07, 2013
Connectors today represent decades of lessons learned. The real magic is how these lessons are blended such that an optimal solution is realized, especially when it comes to modern C4ISR systems.

Rugged UAV connectors meet the end-to-end challenge for speed and space savings - Story

July 27, 2012
The increasing capabilities of UAVs mean heavier demands on signal processing. Embedded computers are evolving to provide high data rates while becoming smaller and lighter, demanding new I/O connectors to prevent bottlenecks in communication.

Expanding options in VPX connectivity - Story

October 12, 2011
VPX embedded systems require robust interconnections to achieve and maintain signal integrity. Commercial technology is being ruggedized and adapted for use in power (VITA 62), optical (VITA 66), and RF (VITA 67) applications to supplement the qualified digital backplane connectors and complete the high-performance architecture?s interconnect technology set.
Articles 1 - 6