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KILOVAC K1K High-Voltage Contactor and KILOVAC KCS03 Current-Sensing High-Voltage Contactor

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KILOVAC-K1KKILOVAC K1K: Among the smallest and most economical contactors in the industry, the KILOVAC K1K offers the ultimate in rugged performance for high-voltage, current battery, and energy storage systems. KILOVAC K1K contactors are compact and lightweight, supporting up to 1000 V/1000 A in harsh and explosive environments. Thanks to hermetic sealing, the KILOVAC K1K provides reliable operation without oxidation or contamination of contacts, even after periods of non-use.

KILOVAC K1K contactors offer bidirectional switching and can mount in any position. They also feature an integrated dual-coil electronic “cutthroat” economizer with internal suppression for higher efficiency. Typical applications included carry and interrupt battery fault currents, power/motor control circuit isolation, circuit protection and safety, and energy storage and power distribution. KILOVAC K1K’s versatile design makes it ideal for power switching at voltages as low as 5VDC and as high as 1,000 VDC.

KILOVAC-KCS03KILOVAC KCS03: The KILOVAC current-sensing (KCS03) high-voltage contactor features an integrated current sensor, eliminating the need for a separate current sensor and saving space, cost, and weight. The sensor function features a programmable trip feature, allowing for immediate, delayed, or disabled tripping. Designed for use in military and commercial electric vehicles, power distribution, and energy storage systems, the KCS03 is extremely compact and weighs in at only 500 grams.

But this contactor is no lightweight: featuring rugged construction and hermetic sealing, the KILOVAC KCS03 is built for harsh, corrosive, and explosive environments. Contacts are impervious to oxidation and contamination—even after long periods of non-operation. The KCS03 also features bidirectional switching and an integrated dual-coil electronic economizer with internal coil suppression.

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