Military Embedded Systems

Enhanced Vision System test for C-130J moves system closer to military applications


October 01, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Collins Aerospace photo.

WILSONVILLE, Ore. Collins Aerospace announced that the company has completed a test flight intended to prove the effectiveness of its Enhanced Vision System (EVS) on a C130J aircraft. EVS is designed to increase situational awareness on commercial and business aircraft, and this test brings the system closer to military use.

According to the company, Collins’ EVS-3600 uses multiple wave-length cameras to see in poor visibility conditions. The images are shown on head-up displays, allowing pilots to better identify the runway environment in all weather conditions.

Officials claim that this technology is particularly beneficial for C-130 aircraft given its need in remote areas, its widespread use during natural disasters, global humanitarian relief efforts, and search-and-rescue efforts.

In military operations, the company claims that the EVS is designed to also assist with safer low-profile terrain flying in low visibility conditions, easier visual confirmation of Drop Zone markings, fewer mission cancelations due to adverse weather conditions, and use of heat signatures to make search and rescue operations easier and more efficient.


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