Military Embedded Systems

U.S. Central Command to use GDMS software for tracking capabilities


October 22, 2018

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

SAN DIEGO. U.S. Army officials selected Boeing's subsidiary Tapestry Solutions to deliver In-Transit Visibility (ITV) for ground transportation logistics in the U.S. Central Command?s (CENTCOM) area of operations.

Under contract, Tapestry Solutions will deploy its Global Distribution Management System (GDMS) to track and manage civilian contractors who move Army equipment and supplies throughout Kuwait, the Trans-Arabian Network and Iraq. The contract expands upon Tapestry’s current GDMS/ITV program in Afghanistan.

For CENTCOM, Tapestry will provide the ITV/GDMS solution to Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Jordan. GDMS will supplement the military’s current radio frequency ITV infrastructure in the region and provide a common operating picture as supplies are transported to tactical operations centers, movement control teams and higher military echelons.

GDMS acts as a central data fusion system that enables the U.S. military to have near real-time visibility, tracking metrics, and accountability for all registered commercial vehicles. At the core of GDMS is a centralized database that links cargo movements with vehicles equipped with GPS-based transponders. The system provides panic alarms/alerts to contractors as they pass hazards and checkpoints, and displays the mission data on topographical maps. The system includes instant replay functions that allow for course-of-action analysis.

As an administrative tool, GDMS supports transportation management requests, captures actual delivery times, supports invoicing and validates demurrage charges. The data, captured in the GDMS-Mission Tracker (GDMS-MT) database, also assists with insurance claims, investigations and the military’s litigation efforts.

The contract includes a base year and one-year options. Work will is scheduled to begin immediately.


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