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Tapestry Solutions
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USAF contracts for weapon-planning software with Tapestry Solutions - News

May 28, 2019
SAN DIEGO. Tapestry Solutions, a Boeing company, has garnered a 10-year contract from the U.S. Air Force to provide weapon planning software (WPS) for numerous aircraft and weapons platforms used by U.S. military and allied forces.

F-16 fighter-jet fleet in Romania to get integrated maintenance, modernization package - News

October 23, 2018
SAN DIEGO. Tapestry Solutions -- a subsidiary of Boeing -- has won a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract from the U.S. Air Force to provide an integrated maintenance system (IMS) for the Romanian air force?s (RoAF) fleet of F-16 fighter aircraft.

U.S. Central Command to use GDMS software for tracking capabilities - News

October 22, 2018
SAN DIEGO. U.S. Army officials selected Boeing's subsidiary Tapestry Solutions to deliver In-Transit Visibility (ITV) for ground transportation logistics in the U.S. Central Command?s (CENTCOM) area of operations.

Qatar government chooses COTS software from Boeing subsidiary for logistics, business readiness - News

March 15, 2018
SAN DIEGO. Boeing subsidiary Tapestry Solutions has signed a five-year agreement to implement an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning/Logistics Management Information System (ERP/LMIS) for the Qatar armed forces that will maximize readiness for troops on land, air,and sea.

Advanced airdrop planning software to be developed by Tapestry Solutions-led team - News

November 15, 2017
SAN DIEGO. U.S. Air Force officials selected Tapestry Solutions, Inc., a Boeing Co., to develop advanced mission planning software for airdrop missions tailored to the C-17 and C-130 military transport aircraft.

Tapestry-Jeppesen team selected to deliver VIP services for USAF Air Mobility Command - News

June 14, 2017
SAN DIEGO. Tapestry Solutions, Inc. and Jeppesen, both companies are Boeing subsidiaries, received a contract to provide Executive Airlift Flight Dispatch services for the U.S. Air Force?s Air Mobility Command (AMC). The contract is worth an estimated $28 million and includes a base year with four option years.