Military Embedded Systems

Defense agency and Rockwell Collins sign MOA to improve commercial procurement process


September 22, 2016

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) and Rockwell Collins officials signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to establish an improved procurement process of commercial items for military applications. The MOA will be reviewed annually.

Rockwell Collins officials explain the MOA outlines the process to include clearly defined information required from the company to support commercial item classification and a reasonable price that is recommended by the government.

Phil Jasper, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Government Systems at Rockwell Collins, says “This agreement is an important step in eliminating current inefficiencies associated with determining whether or not an item is considered commercial. By having a clearer understanding up front, we can spend less time doing paperwork and more time getting state-of-the-art technologies in the field—ensuring that everyone wins.”

“I am thrilled that Rockwell Collins and DCMA were able to come to terms on this first-ever Commerciality MOA,” says Lt. Gen. Wendy Masiello, director of DCMA. “This agreement sets forth the type of information and specific data that Rockwell Collins will provide to the government to support their commerciality assertions and item pricing. In so doing, this landmark agreement will greatly streamline the acquisition process for commercial and commercial-like items, and sets the standard by which future commerciality agreements will be measured.”

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