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North Atlantic Industries announces the release of latest generation Analog-to-Digital Smart Modules (ADE, ADF and ADG)

Press Release

July 09, 2019

BOHEMIA, NY — June 2019 — North Atlantic Industries, Inc. (NAI), a leading supplier of embedded computing solutions and power supplies, announces the availability of the ADE, ADF and ADG Analog-to-Digital (A/D) function modules. Modules ADE, ADF and ADG feature 16 channels with 16-bit, individual Successive Approximation Register (SAR) A/D converters for each channel. The maximum programmable, expected full-scale range input for the three modules is ±10 V, ±100 V, and ±25 mA, respectively. The A/D converters have programmable sample rates of up to 200 kSPS max per channel.

Modules ADE, ADF and ADG offer advantages including simultaneous sampling, low power and provide field programmable input range and gain for each channel. All A/D channels are ‘self-aligning’ with Continuous Background Built-in-Test (CBIT), Initiated BIT (IBIT) and extended off-line diagnostics and status provided for channel health and operation feedback. Each channel includes a fixed, second-order, anti-aliasing input filter and a digital, second-order IIR low-pass output filter with a programmable break frequency that enables users to field-adjust the filtering for each channel. The modules also include extended A/D FIFO buffering capabilities for greater storage/management of the incoming signal samples (data) for post processing applications. Programmable FIFO buffer thresholds maximize data flow control (in and out of the FIFO).

Taking advantage of the fast and simultaneous sampling SAR A/D architecture, the module provides an effective A/D interface for applications requiring control loop integration and parallel data acquisition. The A/D Module Threshold, Saturation and Measurement registers can be programmed to be utilized as an IEEE 754 single-precision floating-point value or as a 32-bit integer value. Applications include control loops, data acquisition, synchronous data across channels and additional Programming (thresholds, floating point, etc.)

“The addition of ADE, ADF and ADG smart modules expands our COSA® Architecture aligning with MOSA, SOSA and FACE.” states Lino Massafra, VP of Sales and Marketing. “These new modules expand the flexibility, adaptability and modularity offered by our portfolio of board and system level products.”

NAI is a specialized provider of embedded electronics, power supplies and computing for sense & response-intensive, military and aerospace applications. We accelerate our clients’ time-to-mission with a unique approach based on our Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) that offers its customers a massively configurable open platform system unlike any others available. For over 50 years, companies like Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have leveraged our capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of I/O and communication-centric applications, and do so with uncompromising quality, efficiency and responsiveness. Information about NAI and its products can be found at


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