Military Embedded Systems



March 24, 2020

Despite not being able to proceed with Aerospace Tech Week this month in France we do at least now at last have some positive news. The event is now officially confirmed as being postponed to 24-26th March 2021 in Toulouse again at the same venue. We are therefore delaying the return to Munich until 2022.

We felt it wasn't prudent to have the event any earlier as no one knows when this terrible Coronavirus will peak or finally disappear and it will take time for us all to recover.

There has been so much awareness of the event so next year should be significantly bigger and busier after what will have been two years worth of marketing! Also the event will be extended to three days to cater for even more conferences and time to meet the projected 150+ exhibitors.

Also in the interim we will soon also be running a series of webinars covering lots of the fantastic content we had prepared for the conference. We will keep you informed so you can participate.

Since releasing the Event Guide as part of the March issue of AEROSPACE TECH REVIEW it had already been read by over 36,658 Aerospace Professionals around the globe in 48 hours, and counting. It will soon be landing on 15,000 peoples desk soon too.

Click here to read your copy now.

We will be opening the registration for the 2021 event after the summer and look forward what will be everything we had all hoped for, and more, from this years event. For more information continue to visit our website at or follow me on LinkedIn.

We are grateful for all the kind messages of support over these stressful recent days.