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TSP-DMS320Since the mid-1990s Texas Instruments has completed over thirty acquisitions that have reshaped and ultimately expanded the company's focus on Analog and Embedded Processing. Some of these acquisitions include National Semiconductor, Burr-Brown, Unitrode, Power Trends, and many more.

Rochester Electronics has partnered with Texas Instruments for over two decades and is the only authorized source for mature, discontinued, legacy, and factory overstock products.

  • Over 1.5 billion Texas Instruments devices in stock
  • Over 75,000 Texas Instruments part numbers available
  • Support of legacy brands
  • Ongoing authorized support of select EOL product

The Semiconductor Lifecycle Solution™ No other company compares to the breadth of our product selection, value added services and manufacturing solutions.

  • Rochester Partners with Suppliers and is authorized and licensed by over 70 leading semiconductor manufacturers.
  • Rochester Distributes with over 200,000-part numbers in stock and 15 billion finished devices.
  • Rochester Manufactures authorized, traceable, certified and guaranteed end-of-life products with over 12 billion die in stock, 20,000 device types manufactured and the capability to manufacture in excess of 70,000 devices.
  • Rochester Services through an extensive range of logistical and manufacturing solutions.

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