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Optimizing your video-enabled drone design - Story

January 30, 2017
Over the next decade, it is estimated that nearly $98 billion will be spent globally on aerial drones and other unmanned aircraft. While the commercial applications for drone technology are forecasted to drive a global market of more than $127 billion, consumer drones are reaping the benefits of these investments. To better understand the safe operation of drones, let's dive into a key requirement for enabling safe flight: low-latency video transmission.

Multicore DSP enhances Synthetic Aperture Radar processing - Story

September 10, 2013
Multicore DSPs allow power-efficient implementation of SAR processing tasks.

Two new rad-hard ICs from Texas Instruments enable power savings - News

July 30, 2012
DALLAS. Engineers at Texas Instruments have developed two new radiation-hardened ICS ? a floating point digital signal processor (DSP) and a 16M SRAM ? that produce power savings and improve FPGA efficiency.

High-performance radar systems enabled by new TI multicore DSPs - News

March 28, 2012
SAN JOSE, CALIF. Texas Instruments (TI) engineers (TI) released three new products built on its KeyStone multicore architecture that uses the TMS320C66x digital signal processor (DSP) generation at the DesignWest show in San Jose, Calif., this week. The devices are ideal for radar applications from portable to large-scale radar systems as well as software defined radio (SDR) applications, said Ramesh Kumar, business manager for multicore processors at TI.

Graphical software tool speaks the developer's language - Product

October 25, 2010
Learning a new language is a difficult, time-consuming, tedious endeavor, whether we're talking about Russian or a new software programming language.