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Vizinex RFID to Present in RFID Journals' "How Fort Bragg Improved Its Asset Tracking with RFID" Webinar

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October 15, 2019

Vizinex RFID, the industry leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags for specific applications and industries, is pleased to announce it will be presenting in RFID Journal'swebinar alongside Williams Software Associates on October 15, from 2:00 PM -3:00 PM EDT.

The webinar, titled ""How Fort Bragg Improved Its Asset Tracking with RIFD"" will detail how the largest military installation in the world ran into issues tracking critical assets that had faulty adhesions and interrupted reads with blocked frequencies. Vizinex CEO, Ken Horton and SmarTrackPresident, Al Williams, will explain how they joined forces to engineer a unique RFID solution that delivered some surprising results and shifted the FortBragg team's entire approach to asset management.

"Working with SmarTrack in developing a better way to track weapons and assets was a special case because RFID technology was not new to them. By joining together, we were able to create a ruggedized, durable tag that could track assets - including scopes, lasers, binoculars and night vision - while also building a lasting relationship that has solidified throughout the years," said Ken Horton. "We are excited to present this webinar to the community and teach them the effectiveness in RFID for many industries." Attendees will gain first-hand experience on how to track assets made of metals, including weapons; the difference between working with U.S. and overseas RFID suppliers; and how to engineer an RFID solution for environments unfavorable to RFID. Register for the webinar on October 15 here.

About Vizinex RFID

With a heritage that reaches back to 2001,Vizinex has nearly two decades of experience providing leading-edge RFID solutions to businesses and governments.  Vizinex RFID is a technological leader with a team of experts in manufacturing, quality, engineering and product development. The company's CTO, Bob Oberle, is the named inventor on 26patents related to RFID. Since its inception, Vizinex RFID has designed a rapid, low-cost development and pilot production process for customers seeking exactly the right tag for their application. Whether you need an RFID tag off the shelf or one that is 'outside the box', Vizinex RFID can help.To learn more about Vizinex, visit or follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.


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