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Keysight Technologies extends test cases for Skylo Technologies nonterrestrial network certification


February 01, 2024

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo courtesy Keysight Technologies

SANTA ROSA, Calif. Keysight Technologies reports that it extended to 21 the number of its test cases available for the Skylo Technologies nonterrestrial network (NTN) certification program. 

The new, jointly developed test cases cover radio frequency (RF) and functional performance aspects of narrowband communication that are unique to NTN, including the technical challenges posed by Doppler effects arising from the distance and relative speed between devices and satellites.

In response, Keysight reports that its RF/RRM Carrier Acceptance Toolset (RCAT) release for Skylo addresses these challenges by emulating real-world conditions including geostationary orbit (GEO), geosynchronous orbit (GSO), and signal-to-noise-plus-interference ratio (SINR). The RCAT solution, Keysight claims, achieves a balance between test complexity and the emulation of real-world network conditions.

The Keysight release details the NTN certification program: As mobile operators begin to extend secure, reliable, and high-bandwidth connectivity across their entire geographical footprint through NTN, chipset and device makers are searching for tools to validate and certify products for these new networks. To fill this need, Keysight and Skylo have been collaborating to develop seamless NTN certification-testing solutions approved by organizations such as the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and international certification body PTCRB.

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