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Keysight Technologies
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Failure is not an option: the trends behind military test systems - Story

September 09, 2020

Before any military technology can be fielded, it must undergo a barrage of test and measurement (T&M) scenarios to ensure its operability. The importance of these evaluation systems and their criticality is simple yet profound: The lives of warfighters are dependent on them. In recent years, varying demands and challenges have pushed manufacturers to innovate. Military T&M systems are going digital, becoming software-defined, and are undergoing widespread standardization right alongside so much of the technology used by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) today. This inexorable march then prompts the question of what takes priority with the DoD: ensuring compatibility with reliable legacy systems or moving forward with the wave of standardization?


Conduant Corporation's 20 GB/s (160 Gb/s) Optical Recorder Breaks Barriers in High Speed Data Recording and Playback - Whitepaper

June 13, 2019

Technology developed for the test and measurement industry has wide applications, including 5G communications, mil/aero systems, high-speed data acquisition, and communication research...


Keysight Technologies highlights radar, EW simulation innovations at IMS 2018 - News

June 13, 2018
IMS 2018--PHILADELPHIA. Test and measurement technology company Keysight Technologies (based in Santa Rosa, California) is showcasing design and test solutions aimed at accelerating millimeter wave innovation at this week's International Microwave Symposium (IMS), held in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Analysis of modern radar and electronic warfare signals using advanced RF measurement techniques - Story

July 11, 2017
Modern radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems rely on sophisticated signal processing and complex radio-frequency (RF) modulation on pulse. Without proper signal design verification, these techniques may not be effective during critical engagements, which could be catastrophic for the operator. Determining the radar's ability to successfully detect and track targets or an EW system's ability to identify threats and avoid detection or tracking can be challenging. Advanced RF signal analysis and RF pulsed signal capture techniques (variable segment length, de-interleaving, duplex IF real-time analysis) that enable designers to measure signal parameters and confirm the proper operation of their radar or EW systems.

Using calibration to reduce the cost of satellite design and test - Story

June 19, 2017
What is now known as "NewSpace" introduces business challenges that older satellite programs did not encounter. One example is the creation of constellations of low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites - much smaller and lighter (

Get results you can trust - Story

March 01, 2017
In a system or on a lab bench, proper instrument calibration reduces the chances of ?false pass? or ?false fail? test results. But not all calibrations are equal. Six key factors affect the quality, usefulness and cost of calibration: extent of testing, information provided, measurement uncertainty, calibration periodicity, service speed, and service packages. In Six Axes of Calibration, we highlight the importance and value of each factor.Download application note.