Military Embedded Systems

Raytheon expands its operations in Colorado Springs


September 08, 2015

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

Raytheon expands its operations in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado. Raytheon officials announced that they are speeding up the expansion of the company's Colorado Springs presence following a $700 million NORAD multi-year contract for supporting operations at NORAD's Cheyenne Mountain Complex.

Under the NORAD Integrated Space Support Contract (NISSC), Raytheon engineers will enable 24/7 support to warning and attack assessment systems for air, missile, and space threats. Preparing to support the contract, Raytheon officials have held recruiting events in Colorado Springs and other locations and are acquiring additional office space. The company plans to hire as many as 700 employees in Colorado Springs by the end of next year. Recruiting day events are planned for the coming weeks, and construction on new office space is expected to be completed soon.

This contract was initially awarded to Raytheon in April this year; however, protest activity delayed the execution of it. The Government Accountability Office denied the most recent protest on August 25.

Last month, Raytheon officials also announced a partnership with the Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation. The multi-year commitment will focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs. Raytheon will bring its MathAlive! exhibit to the Space Foundation's Discovery Center in 2016.


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