Military Embedded Systems

Submission guidelines for Military Embedded Systems articles


August 05, 2019

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

**The article must be exclusive to our magazine, not repurposed nor republished from another publication.**

Note: Our audience consists primarily of ENGINEERS and SCIENTISTS. Use HIGHLY TECHNICAL and quantitative language and details.

  •  The article must begin with a catchy, succinct one-paragraph abstract (before the intro section starts).
  • We follow the Problem/Solution article style. Please interweave problem/solution throughout the entire article, rather than having two sections called “problem” and “solution".
  • State the Problem (in the title, abstract, and introductory paragraphs).
  • Go into quantitative detail about the Problem.
  • For the Solution, go into quantitative detail about the theoretical methods of solving the problem (the same remedies you mentioned earlier in your abstract and intro paragraphs).
  • Wrap up with a conclusion paragraph.
  • The article must be broken up into several sections, each under a descriptive, interesting section heading.
  • Articles should be 1,200 to 1,300 words (includes author bio and abstract paragraph).
  • Be sure your abstract, introduction, and subsequent article sections all contain a military tie-in.
  • Mention your company and/or your product name no more than twice, near the end of the article, and without marketing language, i.e. “world’s first,” “best,” etc. and omit any product status information.
  • Include 2 or 3 meaningful (non-logo, non-product-shot) graphics or tables. Also be sure each has an in-text lead-in and also a caption.
  • Graphics with the highest resolution for print are those submitted in their native form, i.e., within the application in which they were originally created, rather than a figure “placed” into another application such as PowerPoint or Word.
  • Submit the author’s headshot (including shoulders), separately from the article document; author photos should be 300 dpi, at least 150 KB in size, and no background is preferred.
  • The article should end with the author’s bio (no more than 60 words, generally, depending on space allocation per article), and the bio should conclude with the author’s email address.
  • We also print company name, website, phone #, and, if desired, Twitter handles and other social media IDs specific to the author’s company at the end of the article, as space allows.

Important Note: The first version of your article you submit to an editor must be your “final” version, except for any final edits the editor might ask you to make. Please do not send in an article draft to which you plan to do further edits on your side. Same thing goes for articles undergoing internal review at your company – wait to submit them to the editor until after you have all needed approvals – not before. Having your company and our editor working on two different versions at the same time is not time effective for you or us.