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Combat Proven Technologies (CP Tech)

17110 Armstrong Ave
Irvine, CA 92614
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Combat Proven Technologies (CP Tech)
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Rugged, Portable Aircraft Control Station in development for the U.S. Air Force - News

March 31, 2021

PRESCOTT, Ariz. CP Technologies announced it has teamed with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. to design and manufacture the Portable Aircraft Control Station (PACS) for the U.S. Air Force.


Datalinks wireless communication systems launched by CP Tech - News

October 01, 2019
SAN DIEGO, Calif. Combat Proven Technologies (CP Tech) has launched a line of advanced Datalink systems. Using open architecture and in-house development, CP Tech intends to enable full duplex wideband, digital link, error correction, and high-rate communication for uplink and downlink channels. There are five products in the Datalinks collection.

Greek P-3B aircraft to start computing modernization efforts - News

January 29, 2019
SAN DIEGO. CP Technologies -- formerly known as Chassis Plans -- received a contract to modernize and update the mission control computers in the Greek P-3B aircraft used by the Hellenic navy and air force.