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Low-cost embedded development kits accelerate design cycles - Story

December 03, 2015
Increasing time-to-market pressures have led to the availability of full-featured microcontrollers, sometimes called system-on-chip (SoC) processors. These feature-rich microcontrollers or SoCs speed design by integrating a part of or, in some cases, all of the hardware required to implement an embedded design. Developers can then focus their design efforts on application-level functionality.

Using high-performance SRAMs to increase performance in DSP-intensive applications - Story

January 29, 2014
Military applications such as radar, Software Defined Radio (SDR), smart munitions and target detection systems, Electronic Warfare (EW), aircraft imaging, and many more benefit from Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). DSPs accelerate performance using deterministic processing and have capabilities that include real-time signal processing, extremely high throughput, and reprogrammability. However, signal processing demands for radar, EW, and other programs continue to increase so DSP system users continue to search for innovation that will boost performance. That need is being answered by use of a combination of Quad Data Rate (QDR) Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) that - at a minimum - doubles the performance of more traditional Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM).

Robots in the military: Brave, autonomous, and dispensable warriors - Story

February 20, 2012
The airspace in today's military conflicts is filled with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles of all sizes - from the hand-launched vehicles of the Special Forces to the jet-powered Predator drones flown by airmen thousands of miles away from the conflict area. On the ground are autonomous and wirelessly controlled robotic vehicles for everything from high-risk patrols to explosive ordnance detonation and disarming.