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High angle of attack testing completed by F-35A - News

May 17, 2013
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, CA. Lockheed Martin's F-35A team completed high angle of attack (AOA) testing beyond positive and negative maximum command limits. This includes intentionally putting the aircraft out of control in several configurations.

Air-Launched Missile Target Prototype tested by Lockheed Martin & MDA - News

May 13, 2013
HUNTSVILLE, AL. Lockheed Martin and U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) engineers tested a prototype of the air-launched Extended Medium-range Ballistic Missile (eMRBM) target at the Yuma Proving Ground, AZ.

Lockheed Martin to modernize USAF Theater Battle Management Core System - News

April 16, 2013
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. The U.S. Air Force has chosen Lockheed Martin to upgrade the Command and Control (C2) system that allows Joint Force Air Component Commanders (JFACCs) to deploy air assets and synchronize and execute air operations. Lockheed Martin will be responsible for modernization of the Air Tasking Order Management System (ATOMS) of the Theater Battle Management Core System (TBMCS), which directs flying operations for all JFACC airborne assets.

Navy's electronic warfare ship defense system to be upgraded by Lockheed Martin - News

April 02, 2013
SYRACUSE, NY. Lockheed Martin won a $57 million contract to modernize the U.S. Navy’s electronic warfare defenses for anti-ship missile threats. Lockheed Martin engineers will upgrade the AN/SLQ-32(V)2 system that is on all U.S. cruisers, aircraft carriers, destroyers and other warships that have the capability to determine if the electronic sensors from potential enemies are stalking the ship.

Virtual F-15SA pilot training to be provided to Saudi pilots by Lockheed Martin - News

March 12, 2013
ORLANDO, Fla. Lockheed Martin won a $253 million contract agreement to begin designing ground-based maintenance training systems for Royal Saudi Air Force F-15SA pilots as part of the country’s F-15SA upgrade program.

Air Force Infrared surveillance satellites contract won by Lockheed Martin - News

March 06, 2013
SUNNYVALE, CA. Lockheed Martin won a $284.4 million fixed-price Air Force contract to supply long lead parts for the fifth and sixth Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) satellites that are in the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) missile warning constellation.

First MH-60 Digital Cockpit completed for Australian Romeo helicopter - News

March 04, 2013
AVALON, Australia. Lockheed Martin engineers finished the 400th Common Cockpit avionics suite for the U.S. Navy’s MH-60 Seahawk helicopter program. The digital cockpit will be integrated on the first of 24 MH-60R (Romeo) anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare helicopters to be procured by the Royal Australian navy through the U.S. Government’s Foreign Military Sales program.