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MapuSoft Technologies
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OS consolidation: The next step in hypervisors - Story

June 13, 2013
There are many reasons why military embedded systems become obsolete. Sometimes it’s because vendors stop supplying required hardware or supporting certain operating systems or versions.

The importance of integrating software reuse into corporate culture - Story

October 15, 2008
Software reuse is a critical strategy for all software development groups. By reusing code while moving to the next-generation platform, corporations can leverage their existing software investment and lessen time to market. However, many companies are struggling to fully implement code reuse throughout their organization. In order to achieve efficient and methodical code reuse, organizations must integrate this goal into their culture.

Trends in porting and abstracting applications in military systems - Story

April 02, 2008
As today's military electronics industry continues to evolve and increase in complexity, older technologies often become obsolete, creating a need for standardized development tools. These complex military applications can also present many challenges, including that of making OS-specific code run on a different OS. Thus, viable cost- and resource-efficient remedies to the problem include recycling and sharing software across multiple platforms via porting and abstraction.