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FMC/VPX carrier from Pentek has optical backplane interface - News

January 21, 2014
PHOENIX,. Pentek released a new FMC carrier board that has an optical backplane interface making it ideal for high-level signal processing applications such as radar and Software Defined Radio (SDR). The 3U VPX product -- the Model 5973 -- is the first one from of Pentek's new Flexor line of FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) carriers and FMC modules. Pentek released the product this week at the Embedded Tech Trends conference in Phoenix.

Two new additions to the Pentek Talon family of recording systems for airborne, ground, or ship applications released - News

December 17, 2013
UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ. Pentek has announced two new additions to the high-speed turnkey recording systems Talon family – the Model RTR 2728 and 2748. These rugged, portable rackmount recorders are used for airborne, ground, or ship applications.

Strategies for pushing software radio closer to the antenna - Story

October 09, 2013
New technology offers engineers of Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems diverse opportunities to apply digital signal processing much closer to the antenna than ever before. Various strategies include the latest wideband data converters, monolithic receiver chips, compact RF tuners, and remote receiver modules using gigabit serial interfaces. Each approach presents benefits and tradeoffs that must be considered in choosing the optimal solution for a given application.