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AI-powered cyber defense solution announced by Honeywell


January 12, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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PHOENIX, Ariz. Honeywell and Acalvio Technologies announced the launch of Honeywell Threat Defense Platform (HTDP), powered by Acalvio, that features autonomous deception tactics to outsmart attackers and provides threat detection.

According to the company, HTDP uses deception tactics to confuse and mislead threats away from critical assets and devices, aiming to result in low false alerts and a high rate of detection. The solution leads threat actors to decoy assets, which appear to be valuable OT and IT devices; however, none of the devices are real.

Powered by Acalvio's deception technology, officials claim that HTDP incorporates industry-specific knowledge into a workflow to deploy deception across distributed enterprise OT networks. HTDP is also designed to help detect ransomware and zero-day variants quickly. HTDP uses advanced analytics to confirm and investigate threats.

The HTDP solution also includes deployment and ongoing monitoring. Artificial intelligence (AI) is employed in the security system as well, intended to reduce the human operators needed for it to run. Officials also claim that HTDP is well-suited for organizations that desire advanced intrusion detection in their building network without having to install or operate complex technology. 


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