Military Embedded Systems

Charles River Analytics is using game-theoretic tools to identify cyber vulnerabilities


May 22, 2018

Mariana Iriarte

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Image by Charles River Analytics

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. For the Game-Theoretic Reasoning and Analysis of Vulnerability (GRAVITY) effort, Charles River Analytics is developing a cyber defense tool for the U.S. Air Force that will identifying vulnerabilities in strategic systems and increasing these systems? resilience to cyberattacks.

“Like many of our DoD systems, strategic weapons systems can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, lowering many of the barriers for adversaries trying to disable or disrupt US nuclear strategy,” says Dr. Amy Sliva, Senior Scientist at Charles River. “Under GRAVITY, we are researching ways to augment our cyber defenses with game-theoretic tools that identify cyber vulnerabilities to strategic systems and quantify the effects. This ability will enable cyber defenders to increase the resilience of our network infrastructure and security of critical weapons systems.”

GRAVITY is a game-theoretic vulnerability analysis platform that executes rich models of adversary and defender behaviors. It enables analysts to identify, visualize, and prioritize vulnerabilities and defensive counterstrategies

Charles River's approach in GRAVITY is similar to their development of game-theoretic models of Gray Zone activities under DARPA’s BELIEVES and Causal Exploration program, officials point out. The company is developing tools to analyze and respond to adversary strategies, such as cyberattacks, that exist in the gray space between peace and conflict.

The company is also using its probabilistic programming language, Figaro, to build probabilistic relational models of complex network systems and their impact on strategic weapons. To construct a framework modeling realistic behavior, engineers are using the Cyber Adversary Modeling and Simulation (CyMod) toolkit.


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