Military Embedded Systems

Array filtering products by APITech to protect against electromagnetic interference


April 21, 2021

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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FAIRVIEW, Pa. API Technologies Corp. (APITech), a provider of high-performance radio frequency (RF) and microwave signal conditioning and electromagnetic spectrum management solutions, announced they have added an integrated surface mount filtering package to their electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters product line.

According to the company, the new filtering package will be designed to provide competitive EMI protection for signal and power lines between system modules. APITech's multiline design is intended to reduce or eliminate the need to assemble filters at the bulkhead.

The new surface mount filter products will aim to safeguard telecommunications equipment, military electronics, industrial control applications, test and measurment instruments, and medical equipment from the destruction EMI can cause. Officials claim that every filter array is tested for key parameters to ensure high-reliability.


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