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Novator Solutions announces ODEN 3001, the first Intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder

Press Release

October 06, 2020

Novator Solutions announces the upcoming release of ODEN 3001 an intelligent RF Spectrum Recorder with 765 MHz real-time bandwidth. ODEN automatically records 1024 individual signals for aft er-event analysis, characterization, or archiving. All triggered signals are processed simultaneously and stored in dedicated fi les which reduces the time and involved cost until the data can be further processed.

The new intelligent recording approach is ideal for signal surveillance applications such as COMINT, ELINT or ITU Spectrum Management eliminating the need for operators to monitor and record unknown signals manually. Another area is within SATCOM, broadcasting, Test & ITU spectrum monitoring which have common requirements to record interfering signals to eliminate unwanted emitters or to take other corrective actions.

“It has been a real challenge to put the different technologies into a new system level design providing new and improved ways to capture & record unknown energy events”, says Anders Svensson, CTO Novator Solutions.

ODEN will be available starting end of this Year. It covers 16KHz-14GHz/26.5GHz with 765MHz instantaneous bandwidth. It provides 128 DDCs for the entire IBW. A 1024 DDC option for 200MHz IBW will be available as well. The system can be ordered with both in-chassis and external RAID hardware incl. enterprise class disks with standard configurations form 4TB – 184TB.

Carsten Watolla, Department & Product Manager, Spectral Data Analysis, explains “The combination of a high resolution frequency mask trigger (FMT) with 128/1024 individual DDCs and a new concept with acquisition regions and rules provides a new level of freedom to configure sub frequency bands of interest within the real-time bandwidth. It reduces the amount of data to be stored and processed to a level which hasn’t been possible with conventional data reduction techniques.”

Learn more about ODEN 3001:

Novator Solutions AB
Carsten Watolla: Department Manager – Spectral Data Analysis
[email protected]
Phone: +46 (0)8-622 63 50
Hammarbacken 6A, 191 49 Sollentune, Sweden

About Novator Solutions
Novator Solutions AB provides cutting edge products, complete turnkey systems, and expert technical consultants within our three business units: Spectral Data Analysis (SDA); Control, Automate & Test; and Remote Measurement. SDA focuses on providing innovative wideband recorder and multichannel receiver products based on leading edge technology from National Instruments.

Specification highlights

  • RF Receiver o Frequency range: 16kHz - 14GHz & 26.5GHz options
  • Instantaneous bandwidth (IBW): 765MHz (320MHz up to 3.6GHz)
  • Automatic recording of wideband & narrowband signals
  • Single wideband signal: 765MHz
  • Multiple wideband/narrowband signals: 125MHz-250MHz aggregated
  • Individual digital downconverters (DDC) options
  • 1024 DDCs for IBW up to 200MHz
  • 128 DDCs for IBW between 200MHz – 765MHz
  • Simultaneous processing of all triggered signals
  • Individual start & stop trigger levels
  • Hysteresis function to configure time a signal must be over the trigger level
  • Frequency resolution: Instantaneous bandwidth / 32768
  • Trigger conditions: Enter mask, Leave mask
  • High resolution frequency mask trigger (FMT): 32768 mask points
  • Acquisition rules:
  • Record full band: Record configured instantaneous bandwidth
  • Record acquisition region: Record configured region as single channel
  • Record narrowband channels: Narrowband channels centered around the detected signals are recorded with a pre-defined bandwidth per acquisition region.
  • Storage:
  • In-chassis and external RAID hardware options
  • 4TB-184TB enterprise grade disks
  • Recording editor: Configure Frequency mask, acquisition regions & acquisition rules
  • Live Spectrum and Spectrogram views
  • Intuitive list view to filter, select, replay and export recorded signals.
  • Hardware playback on request


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