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ComSys-5301The ComSys-5301 combines leading edge processing with Type 6 COM Express based modularity and high capacity solid state storage in a sturdy chassis featuring robust cable-less internal connectivity and a thermally efficient and light weight design. The system is SWaP optimized for fanless and ultra-reliable operational performance ComSys-5301in harsh environments encountered in mobile ground, ship board and air defense equipment, homeland security and emergency service installations plus drilling and mining applications. I/O expansion enables fast system redefinition. MiniPCIe sites support the modular design for easy I/O re-configuration and quick and cost effective operational upgrades when the mission evolves in ways that demand changes to the system I/O, CPU and storage. The all-aluminum extruded chassis is an extensible design which can be offered in sizes capable of accommodating up to a 3-board stack while maintaining common mount and thermal management features. Elma will work with your design team to model the thermal characterization for your specific I/O set. Custom front I/O panels enable your choice of connectors including 38999, Mighty Mouse and M12 options in the layout you require. The chassis is available in a wide range of color options for your application.


  • 4th Generation Intel® Celeron® 2.4GHz Processor with QM87 Chipset
  • Up to 16GB Dual Channel DDR3L at 1600MHz
  • 256GB solid state storage - inquire about higher capacities
  • Dual 10/100/1000Mbps GbE Ports
  • Solid cable-less internal construction
  • Passive conduction cooled and fanless thermal design
  • Modular solution using standard Type 6 COM Express modules
  • Mighty Mouse, M12 or MIL-STD38999 I/O connectors
  • Extended temperature operation



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