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Omnetics showcases connectors at AOC for first time


December 12, 2023

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

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60th AOC INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM & CONVENTION, NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. The Association of Old Crows (AOC) 2023 symposium is drawing in some new exhibitors from the embedded systems sector, including Omnetics, a company that specializes in connectors and cable assemblies.

Scott Unzen, director of marketing and product development at Omnetics, says he is not only exhibiting for the first time at the event, but that this is his first time attending the event as well.

Connectors play a critical role in electronic warfare (EW) applications, as they are necessary to ensure the integrity of electronic signals by providing a reliable link between components. Moreover, EW systems have to operate in harsh environments and thus require robustly designed connectors.

Omnetics is at AOC 2023 to showcase its new Kilo 360 series, which aims to make connectors smaller and more durable, with the company asserting that these connectors offer "the same durability and performance as legacy 38999 products while saving space and weight." 

The product series includes three options -- namely, the K801, K804, and K805: Omnetics says that the K801 offers a balance of quick engagement/disengagement with double-start threads and robustness against environmental stresses; the K804 adds versatility with PCB mount options for when it needs to be directly mounted on circuit boards; and that the K805 focuses on even faster engagement/disengagement with triple-start threads in situations where speed is of the essence.

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