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RSIC-08 Rugged, Shock-Isolated Universal Chassis

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RSIC-08 RuggedLCR Embedded Systems’ Shock-Isolated Chassis is designed for direct bulkhead mounting and provides shipboard applications with a platform that can withstand extreme shock and vibration. It has passed the Deck Simulator Shock Machine (DSSM) test thanks to its innovative shock isolation system, designed and produced by LCR Embedded Systems, and is designed to be used on multiple naval platforms and deck levels.

In addition to exceptional shock and vibration performance, it offers a broad weight range for isolation, and islators can be customized for various payloads.  This platform is suitable for multiple naval applications and is designed to MIL-STD-461 EMI/EMC protection, as it is welded and gasketed and features a honeycomb air intake/exhaust.

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