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Rugged rackmount & shelfmount computers, video wall controller from Trenton meet CE & UL requirements


March 20, 2013

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

ATLANTA, GA. Engineers at Trenton Systems have designed a new series with computing system configuration options that ease UL and CE certification compliance in industrial computing and video wall controller applications for military, facility security, and other markets.

The new video wall controller and rackmount and shelfmount computer configurations all use Trenton’s long-life single board computers (SBCs), embedded motherboards, PCI Express backplanes, and Matrox Mura MPX video controller boards for the new video controllers. The configurations may also be used in industrial automation, finance & banking, and data storage as well as surveillance centers and manufacturing process control room applications.

The Trenton SBCs used in the computer configurations include the TSC3600 (dual or single-processor embedded motherboard), TRC4011 (dual or single-processor SBCs and a 14-slot PCIe backplane), and TRC5006 (dual or single-processor SBCs and a 20-slot PCIe backplane). Both the TSC3600 and the TRC4011 are UL and CE compliant, while the TRC5006 is UL compliant with CE compliance pending.

For video wall controller applications Trenton engineers leverage their TVC3400 (a single-processor embedded motherboard with two cards supporting eight-screen video walls utilizing HD video inputs and outputs), TVC4403 (single-processor SBC and a 14-slot PCIe backplane with nine cards supporting 36-screen video walls utilizing HD video inputs and outputs), and TVC5401 (single-processor SBC and a 20-slot PCIe backplane with 14 cards supporting 56-screen video walls utilizing HD video inputs and outputs). The TVC3400 and TVC4403 are CE and UL compliant while the TVC5401 has CE compliance pending but is already UL compliant.

The systems are available now. For more information on them, call (800) 875-6031 or (770) 287-3100 and visit


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