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SOSA-Ready Development Enclosures & OpenVPX Chassis Manager

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For quick and cost-effective testing of your SOSA/HOST/CMOSS system utilizing VITA 66/VITA 67 interfaces, Pixus’ development chassis are available in various 3U and 6U configurations. Compact horizontal-mount 19” configurations are also available. Contact Pixus to discuss your specific testing requirement.



OpenVPX Chassis Manager

The Pixus OpenVPX Chassis Manager is compliant to the VITA 46.11 system management for OpenVPX specification.  With faceplate options in 3U or 6U and 1.0” wide or 0.8” wide, the chassis managers plug into any backplane slot via the P0 connector. Includes options for additional I/O interfaces.

Open VPX

Rugged Designs

For deployable OpenVPX solutions, come to Pixus for innovative cooling solutions and the highest reliability designs.  With rugged rackmount and ATR versions designed for MIL-810, MIL-461, DO-160, and more, Pixus has a solution for you.


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