Military Embedded Systems

Next-gen night vision in development with Elbit Systems and DARPA


April 12, 2022

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Department of Defense photo.

FORT WORTH, Texas. Elbit Systems of America has partnered with Physical Sciences Inc. and Stanford University to produce a next-generation night vision system for the U.S. military, offering more capability in a smaller and lighter package.

According to the announcement, the partnership was created to produce a solution for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that selected the group to participate in its Enhanced Night Vision in eyeglass form (ENVision) program. The team collaboration on DARPA’s ENVision program will run through October 2023.

Elbit Systems of America will aim to provide an advanced night vision solution with an expanded field of view, broader bandwidth, and enhanced situational awareness, with a goal to package the device within the form factor of a regular pair of glasses. 

The company has been developing advanced, low-light imaging technology to decrease the size and weight of night vision devices and will apply this experience to the ENVision program. Officials claim all of the technology and lessons learned during the development of the ENVision concept will be key in creating this breakthrough for the industry.

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