Military Embedded Systems

Rugged FPDP recorders for military airborne, ground, and shipboard applications released by Pentek


May 22, 2012

John McHale

Editorial Director

Military Embedded Systems

Rugged FPDP recorders for military airborne, ground, and shipboard applications released by Pentek

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J. Pentek engineers released a high-speed, multi-channel Serial FPDP recorder family called Talon including a rugged portable and rackmount devices as well as a commercial rackmount version. The systems hit aggregate recording rates as fast as 2 Gbytes per second.

Talon devices can capture any type of streaming sources such as live transfers from sensors or data from other computers. The recorders have a built-in Windows 7 Professional workstation, which uses an Intel Core i7 processor enabling users to route data to various drives, networks, and I/O channels. It also enables the user to install post-processing and analysis tools to operate on recorded data.

Pentek’s SystemFlow recording software eases user operation and the application programming interface (API) enables system integrators to add the recorder as a peripheral to larger systems, says Rodger Hosking Pentek vice president. The Talon recorders come in different configurations for operation in the lab, the field, and on board ships, vehicles, and aircraft. The solid-state drives used in the ruggedized recorders are immune to shock and vibration, he adds.

Data files have time stamping as well as recording parameters and an optional GPS data. The files are stored in the native Windows new technology file system (NTFS) format, enabling drive units to be read by PCs eliminating the need for file conversion. Files may also be downloaded from the system via gigabit Ethernet, USB ports, eSATA3 ports or they can be written to optical disks that use the built-in 8X double layer DVD±R/RW drive.

The rugged portable (Model 2736) and rugged rack-mount (Model 2756) recorders are configured with solid-state drives while the commercial rack-mount (Model 2716) recorder is configured with hard disk drives. The drives are hot-swappable and can be exchanged or removed during or after a mission for retrieval of recorded data.

The Talon devices are compatible with the VITA 17.1 Serial FPDP specification in all modes and operational features. The modules support 1.0625, 2.125 and 2.5 Gbaud link rates as well as options for multi-mode and single-mode optical interfaces. Programmable modes have flow control in receive and transmit directions, cyclical redundant checks (CRC) support and copy/loop modes. The recorders also may be ordered with either four or eight bidirectional Serial FPDP ports and with copper or optical interconnect options.

Pricing for the Talon recorders start at $34,995 with delivery at 10-12 weeks ARO for all models. For more information, visit


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