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Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card

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The Annapolis Dual DAC I/O Card provides one or two individually configurable 12 bit output streams, and is available for up to either 2.3 GSps or 1.5 GSps, with high output power, exceptional gain, and flatness in multiple Nyquist zones. This COTS board includes a Virtex II Pro P70 for user-configurable, real-time generation of sophisticated analog signals, and up to 1 GByte of DDR DRAM. The Xilinx Virtex II Pro P70 on the board provides user-configurable, real-time continuous sustained processing of the full data stream. Use the high precision trigger to synchronize the two on-board DAC channels (<1 Fs period) or to synchronize DACs between multiple boards (<2 Fs periods). Use the Annapolis WILDSTAR™ Clock Synchronization Distribution board to supply up to 8 clocks and triggers to multiple boards. One or two Dual DAC cards fit onto a COTS Annapolis WILDSTAR™ II Pro for PCI or VME FPGA based processing boards.

Key Features

  • One or Two 12 Bit 2.3 GSps or 1.5 GSps D/A Output Channels
  • Up to 4.0 GBps Between I/O Card and WILDSTAR™ II Pro
  • Selectable Frequency Response Modes (NRZ, RZ or RF)
  • 50 Ohm Single Ended Output with 2 GHz Output Bandwidth
  • 1 Xilinx Virtex II Pro FPGA Processing Element: P70 -5, -6, -7, -5I, -6I
  • Up to 1 GBytes DDR SSDRAM in Four 64 Bit Banks
  • Six SMA Front Panel Connectors
  • Two Single Ended DAC Outputs
  • Single Ended or Differential Input Clock
  • Internal or External DAC Clocking Option
  • Programmable FLASH to Store FPGA Images
  • Proactive Thermal Management System
  • Board Level Current Measurement
  • FPGA Temperature Monitor
  • Full CoreFire™ Board Support Package
  • VHDL Model including Source Code for Interfaces to DRAM, DACs, LAD Bus, I/O Bus, Trigger Circuits
  • Available in Both Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. is a world leader in high-performance COTS FPGA-based processing for radar, sonar, SIGINT, ELINT, Digital Signal Processing, FFTs, communications, software radio, encryption, image processing, prototyping, text processing, and other processing intensive applications.

Develop applications with CoreFire (more than 1000 cores), which transforms the FPGA development process, making it possible for theoreticians to easily and quickly build and test their algorithms on the real hardware that will be used in the field. Real world application experience has shown CoreFire™ to be the critical tool that enables the timely development of highly specialized FPGA designs, ensuring each program's success. Reduce risk with our 9th generation of COTS FPGA Based Processing Boards.

The combination of our COTS hardware and CoreFire™ enables our customers to make massive improvements in processing speed, while achieving significant savings in size, weight, power, person-hours, dollars, and calendar time-to-deployment.

Annapolis is famous for the high quality of our products and for our unparalleled dedication to ensuring that the customers' applications succeed. We offer training and exceptional special application development support, as well as more conventional customer support.

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.
190 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 130
Annapolis, Maryland 21401 USA

For info, email to [email protected] or Call: (410) 841-2514

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