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Embedded Computing Solutions for NVIDIA Jetson TX2/TX2i and AGX Xavier Modules

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Diamond Systems has introduced a family of solutions for delivering AI-at-the-edge high performance computing solutions based on NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2, TX2i and AGX Xavier™ modules. The family includes three carrier solutions as well as an ultra-compact complete system. These solutions target a range of commercial, industrial, and rugged military applications, with a focus on harsh environments such as vehicles and other outdoor applications.

diamond-systems-ziggyThe Ziggy carrier for Jetson TX2/TX2i targets size- and cost-sensitive designs. At 50x87mm (2.0x3.4”), it matches the size of the Jetson modules and provides commercial style connectors for I/O. The compact ZiggyBox computer system houses the Ziggy carrier and a Jetson module in an enclosure with DIN rail mounting capability. Its compact size fits into crowded spaces for local AI at the edge / machine learning applications.

diamond-systems-jethroJethro, at 76x107mm (3.0x4.2”), is a slightly larger TX2/TX2i carrier that offers far greater I/O and expansion capability, as well as a rugged connector scheme. Jethro includes a PCIe MiniCard socket, an M.2 SATA flash socket, and an LTE modem socket designed to work with Nimbelink SkyWire cellular modems.


diamond-systems-eltonElton is a full-featured, rugged carrier board designed to work with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier module.  Elton utilizes a 50% thicker PCB, latching connectors, and the rugged PCI/104-Express expansion bus (PCI and PCIe bus expansion) to create a rugged, I/O-expandable platform ideal for the most demanding compute-intensive harsh-environment applications. Elton’s larger size of 102x152mm (4x6”) allows it to include all the I/O and expansion of Diamond’s other Jetson carriers: data acquisition, M.2 and PCIe MiniCard sockets, 8-lane CSI camera module socket, and LTE modem socket.


These off-the-shelf carriers can also serve as the starting point for a customized solution. Diamond frequently accepts customer requests to modify our board and system level products, for example by adding more I/O functionality or removing unneeded features for cost savings. This approach offers a perfect-fit solution in terms of needed functionality, reduced risk, reduced development and production costs, and reduced time to market.

For more information on Diamond Systems’ solutions for NVIDIA Jetson modules, see our NVIDIA Embedded Computing Solutions webpage. Download our white paper to learn more about our approach to designing embedded computers for rugged applications.

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