Military Embedded Systems

Sonar systems for Poland's navy to be supplied by Thales Group and Leonardo


October 02, 2020

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo: Thales Group

LA DEFENSE, PARIS. The Thales Group, in conjunction with Leonardo (Rome, Italy) will equip Poland's naval helicopters with four FLASH (Folding Light Acoustic System for Helicopters) sonic systems, a dipping sonar that has antisubmarine warfare capability.

According to information from the Thales Group, the FLASH low-frequency wideband sonar enables long-range detection with broad sector coverage and low false-alarm rates in both littoral spaces and the open ocean when used with an active and passive sonobuoy processing system. The system, first designed for use on such heavy rotorcraft as the Merlin AW101 from Leonardo -- the helicopter chosen by the Polish navy -- is also available in a compact version equipped with an electric motor for lighter helicopters like the multimission AW159, which is used by Britain's armed forces.


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