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VPX system integration and testing is complex and requires a versatile development platform.

DK3-1200The DK3-1200 is a development chassis intended for full feature integration in systems containing VPX and SOSA aligned modules. It’s 12 slot capacity enables testing and development for larger scale applications that include a wide range of functions. The universal backplane includes 8 slots with VITA67 full width apertures which can be used for full and half width module connector combinations in support of RF and optical I/O requirements. 

The chassis supports any I/O complement with a large rear I/O panel. Custom panels can support discreet connectors including, SMA, DB, RJ45 and the full range of 38999 connectors for use in your application.

The pass through power and ground backplane offers full flexibility for establishing the slot to slot application data flow requirements using the Meritec cabling system. The backplane can be supplied with or without VITA67 connectors. Custom cabling solutions for I/O including coax or fiber optic connectivity for VITA67.3 I/O can be provided. 

The chassis is designed for VITA 48.2 conduction cooled modules at 1” spacing and rear transition modules (RTMs) in the rear. Temperature sensor driven dual high speed fans provide up the 820 cfm cooling performance for up to 900W of aggregate payload power or 75W per slot. The 19” chassis can be used in rackmount or tabletop development scenarios. Up to 2400 watts of power supply output ensures sufficient power for demanding HPEC payloads.

At LCR, our experienced and engaging engineering team will work with you to ensure mission success. 

  • Fully customizable I/O panel
  • Configurable backplane profile
  • High cfm fans for hotter board payloads
  • Benchtop or rackmount hardware
  • 12 slot rear transition area for added I/O 

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