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Shielded Miniature Cables In Portable Electronics

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Design teams are constantly demanding higher density to increase the functions of each part of their instruments.  Space available for the internal wiring systems that route signals from one section of the instrument to another is getting smaller and more critical. Designing a cable and connector system specifically for each instrument helps reduce size and weight while improving circuit speed, signal routing and helps matching signal impedance to other circuits in adjoining module.  

Carefully modeled wiring harnesses are designed to fit exact dimensions and routes inside miniature electronic equipment. This allows for compact modules that are small, lightweight and reliable. Micro and nano-sized connectors with ruggedized spring pin contacts, as small as 13 one-thousands of an inch in diameter, provide constant connection thru high vibration and physical shock. These combined cable-connector systems are designed-to-fit the instrument, retain high flexibility, and offer constant performance during use. Wire harness routing from one module to another is kept at the shortest possible length to improve signal quality. Shielded cable is frequently employed to assure signals are not affected by resulting electro-motive interference and protect from cyber-attack. Teflon® insulated high-strand miniature copper wiring is used to insure flexibility, long life and withstand a wide temperature range often needed in ruggedized portable electronics.    

Equipment benefiting from miniature shielded wiring harnesses begin with high performance portable systems that are often used in military field operations. Additionally, applications range from healthcare electronics to robotics. Application-specific wire-harnesses are for instance used in military sensor system detectors, processors for mine-detection, portable camera and surveillance modules, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Today’s UAVs, faced with extreme conditions, are demanding minimum-weight miniature electronics to achieve increased payload and flight times with additional cameras, sensors and broadcast equipment. Cable design, solid model images and information are available on Omnetics’ website. Find your solution!

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