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MOSA an "integral component" of LE-MR UAS test with U.S. Army


March 11, 2024

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo: Aurora Flight Sciences

U.S. ARMY DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah. The U.S. Army reports successful conclusion of initial system flight tests of a medium-range launched effects prototype to verify the functionality of the system components. Launched effects are small uncrewed aerial systems (UASs) that shoot out of something else mid-flight.

The Program Executive Office Aviation’s (PEO Aviation) Project Manager, Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (PM UAS) tested the Launched Effects-Medium Range (LE-MR) prototype system over eight days during mid-February 2024. 

PM UAS and system integrator Aurora Flight Sciences led the tests to verify the functionality of the different integrated components of the LE-MR system, including the Anduril Altius-700 air vehicle and the Collins Mission System. Among the payloads during testing were a Northrop Grumman radio-frequency detect/identify/locate/report payload and TSC decoy payloads, with flights controlled using a scalable control interface prototype.

The program uses a modular open systems approach (MOSA) for the LE-MR, according to Army personnel: “MOSA is an integral component of the LE-MR and was part of the initial design discussions and the contract. This approach allows for continuous upgrades and integration of various payloads ensuring we remain ahead of the threat," said Col. Danielle Medaglia, PM UAS.

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