Military Embedded Systems

Teleoperated robotic system from Sarcos Defense wins additional testing contract from U.S. Navy


October 12, 2021

Lisa Daigle

Assistant Managing Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Sarcos Defense image.

SALT LAKE CITY. Sarcos Defense (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corp.) announced that the U.S. Navy has exercised a contractual option to expand testing, evaluation, and demonstrations of the Sarcos Guardian DX teleoperated dexterous robotic system, a defense-specific variation on the Sarcos Guardian XT mobile robotic system, to handle Navy-specific tasks.

The modular Guardian DX robot is a teleoperated, dual-armed dexterous robot that was designed to perform tasks with human-like dexterity while keeping the operator at a safe distance when working in challenging or hazardous conditions, including at height. 

The Guardian DX robotic system can attach to various mobile bases, including wheeled or tracked vehicles, and is capable of using portable sensors for nondestructive structural testing and inspections; power tools for grinding, cutting, and welding at height; and lifting/manipulating objects weighing up to 200 pounds. 


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