Military Embedded Systems

Top 10 military uncrewed tech stories of 2023


January 10, 2024

Dan Taylor

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

U.S. Navy photo/Luke Lamborn

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona. The most popular military uncrewed tech stories on throughout 2023 included stories about hypersonic missiles, the deployment of a large UUV, and a C-UAS system for Ukraine. Check them out below.

  1. USSOCOM commander warns of 'decade of consequence' ahead
  2. Speed, maneuverability of hypersonic missiles create challenges for missile defense
  3. Bringing the benefits of GCIA to next-generation ground vehicles
  4. Large UUV to be forward-deployed by fiscal year 2026, Navy official confirms
  5. Ukraine will operate Northrop Grumman M-ACE C-UAS
  6. 3U vs 6U VPX: Understanding the differences and applications
  7. How data is fast becoming the U.S. Navy’s powerful secret weapon
  8. Army Project Convergence 2023 exercises canceled, and UFOs take a high-speed turn
  9. C-UAS systems to be delivered to Ukraine by Kongsberg
  10. MOSA systems: The benefits of deploying a datacentric architecture