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Pentek Announces Design Win from Telemus for ELINT UAV Applications

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November 21, 2020

Pentek Announces Design Win from Telemus for ELINT UAV Applications
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UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ─ Pentek, Inc., today announced that Telemus, Inc. has included a Pentek Talon RTX 2589 rugged IF recorder for operational use onboard Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) as part of their ALR-510 ELINT/ESM system. The Electronics Intelligence (ELINT) system incorporates a Pentek Talon RTX series IF Recorder for digitizing and capturing wideband IF analog signals and retrieving them for analysis.

“Telemus chose this recorder not only for its wide instantaneous bandwidth and environmental performance, but also for its rugged, compact design," said James Rose, director and general manager, Telemus. He added, “The Pentek IF Recorder was added to the system to meet the end user's requirement for continuous data capture.”

Pentek’s RTX 2589 represents the latest IF recorder that satisfies the operational needs of Telemus ELINT UAV systems. Talon RTX Small Form Factor (SFF) recorders provide the performance of large rackmount recorders in the smallest footprint available in Pentek’s Talon product line. Optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power), Talon RTX SFF recorders are packaged in a 1/2 ATR chassis, measuring 7.7" H x 4.9" W x 14.2" D and weighing only 18 pounds.

The ALR-510 ELINT/ESM system has been deployed on operational missions to detect, identify and geolocate radar systems for a military organization within a NATO country. The system supports both ELINT and Electronic Support Measures (ESM) facilities for radar surveillance in the country’s border regions.

The system harnesses Linear Phase Interferometer Direction Finding (DF) technology and an ESM system based on an Instantaneous Frequency Measurement (IFM) receiver and omnidirectional antenna.

Pentek SystemFlow Software
Telemus took advantage of Pentek's SystemFlow API high-level software function calls to control and monitor all operational functions of the IF recorder. By integrating these API commands within their ELINT system software, Telemus provided a unified user interface that seamlessly coordinates for both ELINT and IF Recorder operations.

Talon Family
Pentek offers several Talon product series, each addressing specific application needs:

  • RTV Value Series: Low-cost rackmount systems for laboratory environments
  • RTS Commercial Series: Rackmount systems for laboratory environments
  • RTR Portable Series: Rugged portable systems for field use
  • RTR Rackmount Series: Rugged rackmount systems for deployed applications
  • RTX Extreme Series: Rugged systems for extreme environments Pentek’s SFF Talon MIL-STD recorder used with ELINT software from Telemus To view the video of the Pentek Talon RTX 2589 rugged IF recorder for operational use with the Telemus ALR-510 ELINT/ESM, please visit

About Telemus
Telemus, Inc. is a Canadian EW Company that can trace its roots back to 1984. Telemus has a range of ELINT and Radar Electronic Support (ES) systems and technologies including Phase Interferometer DF, Automatic Polarization Measurement, Single Station and Multi-station Geolocation, and Automatic IMOP recognition algorithms. Telemus has a range of ground and airborne ELINT and ESM systems in operation around the world, providing leading edge surveillance capabilities.

For more information please visit or email [email protected].

About Pentek
Pentek, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, designs and manufactures innovative commercial and rugged DSP boards and real-time system recorders for commercial, government and military systems including radar, communications, SIGINT, defense, medical and industrial control applications. Pentek offers powerful VPX, FMC, FMC+, AMC, XMC, cPCI, and PCIe board solutions featuring high-performance Xilinx FPGAs. Pentek equips all boards and recorder products with high-performance I/O including gigabit serial interfaces, powerful software development tools and offers strong DSP software support.


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