Military Embedded Systems

Lockheed Martin electric fiber laser achieves 30-kilowatts using Spectral Beam Combining


January 28, 2014

Amanda Harvey

Assistant Editor

Military Embedded Systems

BOTHELL, WA. Lockheed Martin demonstrated a process called Spectral Beam Combining, which sends beams from multiple fiber laser modules into a combiner that forms a single, powerful, high-quality beam. This beam culminated into a 30-kilowatt electric fiber laser, which is the highest power that has been documented while retaining full electrical efficiency and beam quality.

This successful demonstration is a step in the right direction for deploying mission-relevant laser weapons systems for use in air, land, and sea military applications. The Lockheed Martin Spectral Beam Combining technology also uses 50 percent less electricity than alternative solid-state laser technologies.

Dr. Ray O. Johnson, Senior VP and Chief Technology Officer for Lockheed Martin says, "Lockheed Martin has opened the aperture for high power, electrically driven laser systems suitable for military applications. Advancements in available laser components, along with the maturity and quality of our innovative beam-combining technology, support our goal of providing lightweight and rugged laser weapon systems for use on military platforms such as aircraft, helicopters, ships and trucks."

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