Military Embedded Systems

Glide munition launched from Gray Eagle UAS in GA-ASI demo


November 25, 2019

Emma Helfrich

Technology Editor

Military Embedded Systems

Photo courtesy of General Atomics.

CALIFORNIA. A U.S. Army MQ-1C ER Gray Eagle Extended Range (GE-ER) Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) manufactured by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) performed a flight demonstration using a Dynetics GBU-69B Small Glide Munition (SGM). The SGM is a lightweight munition with increased effective range.

The demonstration was conducted at a military test range in California in collaboration with the U.S. Army and Dynetics using a GBU-69B SGM installed onto a GE-ER.

When launched from the GE-ER at maximum altitude, the glide weapon can reach extended ranges, which means it can engage threats in a multi-domain operations environment while staying out the engagement zones of threat weapons.

GE-ER is a long-range variant of the U.S. Army’s Gray Eagle UAS. According to the company, it provides the U.S. Army with increased endurance, more payload capacity to support future mission tasking, and improvements in system reliability and maintainability.


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