Military Embedded Systems


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Case study: Designing for rugged thermal management to meet military needs - Story

December 09, 2010
As military programs continue to push the limits of computing system requirements, rugged computer systems must continue to evolve to endure the toughest conditions: extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and humidity amidst altitude, fungus, salt fog, explosive decompression, immersion, and sand/dust exposure. To meet these stringent requirements, rugged subsystems suppliers must produce innovative thermal management technologies that can withstand situations that may threaten a computer?s durability. A case study of a U.S. Navy Special Ops river craft is presented to illustrate the inner-workings of a thermal management scheme.

Arming the latest anti-submarine aircraft with COTS multifunction displays - Story

April 26, 2010
Modern military aircraft demand display panels that fulfill rigorous standards for flight certification and enable expansion for future requirements. This case study examines how engineers designed a military-grade display system built around a modular PC/104-Plus platform.
Articles 1 - 2